Licence Keys Management – Client interface

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Any customer can manage the license keys through default WooCommerce MyAccount Page. Once a purchase is completed a new button Licence Manage appear within the Recent Orders table.

The My Order License Keys page, allow customer to administrate all details related to it’s purchase license details, update, delete, transfer, un-assign a domain key, generate more licence keys. Additional details regarding the licence type are show:

  • A brief description of it for making it easy to identify.
  • The number of keys left and allowed to generate.
  • Number of instances a key can be assigned for current licence type.
  • Number of keys generated and already in use.

The process of generating a new key is very simple, selecting the product then Generate Licence Key. The drop-down interface element contain details upon products and license keys for current order, as they where defined by shop administrator and availability for current purchase. Once more keys are not available for any of licensed products, the option appear disabled.

This interface can be modified through filters or copy the templates/myaccount/my-licence-manage.php template name to your theme woocommerce/myaccount/my-licence-manage.php This is the folder where you will deploy the WooCommerce templates too.

By woocommerce-sl, posted on August 1, 2017